The Voice

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There is a small wooden house on the top of a mountain. A distant smoke can be seen coming out of the chimney, the only secluded house in the valley, twenty feet ahead right from the porch is a steep drop of more than 100 feet. Down below flows the most violent river with strong wild waves crushing harshly on the surface of the smoothened rocks.

A young man is sitting on the front porch on a wooden bench. No particular thought is going through the mind of this man, he is gazing thoughtlessly towards the horizon, his heart is content, mind peaceful, and the whole place belongs to him.

Suddenly a gush of wild clouds entered the valley and slowly and steadily started to engulf the entire mountain slope. A very familiar smell enters the man’s nose, dewy foggy smell, a smell which he has become used to, a smell which he likes very much. A furry dog who was sleeping contently beside him till now lifted his head and looked at the approaching clouds and gave out a sad low howl. The clouds always made him sad, not unhappy but sad.

Along with the fog a cold breeze passes through the valley. A quiet whisper from far away came floating along with it. Suddenly the man picked up his ears and started to listen carefully, trying to decipher the voice. The dog raised his ears again and gave out a low growl.

A sad whisper almost faint, in a girl’s voice could be heard if one listened very carefully. There was a tinge of deep engulfing pain in her voice as though she was longing for someone. the man suddenly stood up from the bench and started to walk towards the edge of the mountain slope. It seemed as though someone was calling him from down below. The voice was so beautiful yet sad, that man was almost in a trance-like state now. He could hear nothing else not even the barks of his dog who was warning his master not to go towards the edge.

The man’s whole world was now limited inside this peaceful beautiful voice, it was as though someone was calling him, again and again, to come to her, to be free from the boundation of this earthly world and be with her, in her lap for the rest of his life. No more worries, no more pain, just a deep sense of peace and a never-ending calmness which he has longed for most of his life. As he started to move forward slowly and steadily, the fog now engulfed him, he was completely blind, all he could see was white fog that was all around him. Guided by the voice of the girl, he moved forward towards the edge.

The dog fearing that his master would fall down from the edge started to pull him by his ankle, tugging his pants. But with all his effort, he could not budge his master, the dog even with all his might was not able to stop him and was being dragged along. The man in his trance-like state was still moving forward, the voice still guided him. The voice had a calm almost hypnotic effect, all his life the man yearned for peace, a life which was free from worries, a world where there was no pain. A world where he was not helpless, all the atrocities that he had seen throughout his life, all the destruction that humans have done to Mother Nature, things he only cribbed about but was not able to do anything: this voice assured him to make everything ok.

The dog still tugging his master by his ankle was being dragged along. The man was now standing at the edge of the cliff, as he looked down, he saw a 100 ft. steep drop and below raged the most violent river flowing with all its might, striking again and again at the rocks and gigantic boulders… For a moment the man came back to his senses and suddenly realized where he was standing with his dog pulling him back. He took a couple of steps backward, the dog realizing that his master must have come back to his senses released him. As the man was planning to go back he heard a faint whisper,  calling him again, asking him to realize how foolish it is to go back, promising him again in her calm and almost seductive voice a world which is free from any kind of pain. It asked him to take just a few more steps and all his worries will be gone. The man moved forward and jumped, all of this was so sudden that his dog wasn’t prepared for this.

As he flew down, the cold refreshing wind rushed by him, he could hear voices echoing all around him, happy – giggling voices, his eyes were transfixed at the river, its raging tides, its violent twists, suddenly he came out of the trance; every sense of his now panicked. As he was going to hit the rocks below he closed his eyes and then there was darkness, a never-ending darkness.

Above the dog was howling at his master, he could see his master falling down and becoming almost invisible. Suddenly he couldn’t see his master anymore, he started to panic and whine now, deep sad wines mixed with a tinge of anger. He was angry about the fact; how his master could ever leave him and sad thinking what if he never comes back. The dog took a few steps back from the edge of the cliff, waited for a few seconds listening for any sound keenly, and then ran forward and jumped from the edge.


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