Our Story

Our Story:

Raw nature can bring a revelation which has the potency to divert the flow of one’s life. This is what happened with us and led to the formation of Eastern Caravan.

Let me elaborate; before the formation of this enterprise, we as individuals travelled a lot. Crossing high altitude passes, climbing mountains, treading through unknown territories we did everything. On the course of doing so, we met amazing individuals with beautiful stories of their own. Years went by but we kept going back to the mountains in search of new treks, authentic stays and new adventures. 

One fine day while sitting on the slope of a mountain top, gazing towards the vast horizon with numerous small quaint villages lined up one after another, an idea struck and overtime with hard work and refinement became Eastern Caravan.

The Idea:

“An amalgamation of nature, locale and the people”: the idea was not just to form a company but a conglomerate which works in collaboration with locals, providing the consumer with the most authentic and unique experiences. To form an enterprise that is socially responsible and sustainable with an effort to maintain the raw beauty of the mountains.

A collaborative effort which can boost tourism while bringing smiles on the faces of numerous mountain dwellers.  

What we thrive:

To introduce travellers and adventure enthusiast to a whole new world of experiences; authentic cuisine, beautiful and picturesque stays, unmarked territories, less treaded treks and raw nature in its purest form. We as hodophiles , who wake up each day dreaming about glorious mountain slopes, pristine beaches and smiling faces of the locals want to share our experiences with you.

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