Our Team


Subhajit Das (aka Bonie): Founder

     As Bonie fondly recalls, his love for the mountains started at a very early age when his father took him to Gangtok when he was just five years old. Waking up each morning and witnessing the mighty Mt. Kanchenjunga from the window of his wooden cottage filled his heart with joy and wonder.

After completing his Bachelors in Journalism, he worked with some of the biggest media houses in India but his love for travel kept bringing him back to the mountains. He want to study the nuances of the travel industry more intricately, thus he left his job and pursued MBA in international tourism business under Ministry of Tourism, India.

A fernweh in a true sense, he wanted to share the joy of travelling with fellow travellers and adventure enthusiast, thus came the concept of forming Eastern Caravan.

Lalit Poduyal: Founder

Lalit Poduyal also ardently known as Lalitji is a visionary. We call him the revolutionary traveller as his effort and zeal changed the landscape of a whole region.

He belongs to a quaint little Himalayan village known as Lingsey. Back in 2010 when residents of the nearby villages didn’t have any clue about tourism, he pinned the concept of eco-tourism and slowly and steadily worked towards the amalgamation nature, sustainably and tourism. Once a small farming region, thanks to Lalitji has now turned up to become a tourism hub.

Constantly evolving, Lallitji is tirelessly working towards bringing out the hidden gems of the mountains and showcasing them to the world. 

The Team:

Eastern caravan team consist of some of the most professional and passionate people in the travel spectrum.

Some of the prominent members of the company include Vicky and Piyali whom we also call the Soul and brain of Eastern Caravan. Associated since the very foundation of the Eastern caravan, they have worked tirelessly to make this enterprise stand out to become an insignia of quality service.

Barun, is another important part of Eastern caravan, who over the duration of time has emerged out to become an integral part of the company. 

Team Eastern caravan also consist of numerous homestay owners, farm-stays owners, local mountain guides and adventure enthusiast thus contributing to making the company unique and its services seamless.

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