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 Owner of a property at a magnificent location, love to interact with guests and passionate to introduce people to new experiences, well then, Eastern caravan is the right online platform for you, we invite you to list your property and become a host with us.

Add your listing and start earning with 5 simple steps and at Free of Cost:

  1. Share your property details with location, picture and contact information at
  2. Our management team will review it, schedule an in-person meet or call to hear more, and finally, approve it. There are no charges for adding a listing.
  3. Once your listing is live, you'll receive notifications via email or call when a traveller wants to book your stay.
  4. Meet your guests at a specified date, time and location and show them that you’re a great host.
  5.  Eastern Caravan securely transfers the money to your account after the hosting.


So, Why Wait?  Become a part of Team Eastern Caravan, be a Host …….

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